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The Mediterranean without Borders

by Sabine Réthoré

It is an artistic work that graphically links all the Mediterranean people around a common area. An image to dream, to tell, to gather. Mediterranean Without Borders is a map that can be said to be right.

It presents in as
much detail as possible around the Mediterranean without restoring its classical image. This work, forgets the nationalities (the framing and the drawn surface taking no account of the borders) and gives a regional idea of the territory.

The orientation of Mediterranean Without Borders is in the East-West direction.It leaves the
conventional model of representation of the world and the resulting image makes the place consider a new space, whose replay is necessary. The mind must find its bearings, a feeling of emptiness which causes a work of attentive visit, a terra-incognita to discover, meanings to recreate.


Ever since Sabine Réthoré started working on maps and globes, she have attempted to provide the public with a cartography based on new landmarks, because the geographic transcription on map or globe isn’t as automatic as a long tradition of ethnocentric representations of the world would have us believe. Since she is French, she inherited one of the world’s richest cartographic histories, but also a geography paradoxically closed to others or to plurality.

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