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Mujeres en las calles 

by Kiara Marina Firpi Carrión
Madrid, Spain

Mujeres en las calles is a series of printable feminist maps based on Madrid. The purpose of these maps is to make visible the women who shape Madrid whose names are in public spaces. Such as metros, streets, zones, and plazas. The first map takes place in Madrid Central. Saints, writers, actresses, queens, princesses. It's beautiful to create a narrative of Madrid's different histories based on these women. The maps also include a brief description of the women.  

Click on the maps to download it and stroll around the city.



Kiara Marina Firpi Carrión was born and raised on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Since her early years, she has been interested in activities related to women empowerment. Being a Girl Scout till highschool taught her about leadership, unity, and compassion. Her desire to study architecture at the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico had a lot to do with how urban design affects the emotions and sensations of the user, mainly women. It wasn't until she did the Master in Architectural Communication in the Polytechnic University of Madrid, where it taught her that architecture interconnects with other fields. It can develop systems of relationship, mediation, and communication. That's why her fascination on maps and feminism it's still her ongoing project. She is currently a P.h.D. student in Architectural Communication, working on her thesis about female cartographers and feminist maps. The objective is to understand how women use maps as a tool to represent, conceptualize, produce and make visible their experiences. The traditional way of mapmaking is set aside and women's power is claimed through them.

P.h.D.research by Kiara M Firpi Carrión

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