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Mid-Coast Maine

by Ruth Rhoads Lepper
Brunswick, Maine, USA

Filled with notes, and vignette illustrations of historical locations, events, ships, sail boats, buildings, light houses, and ports with explanatory text.



Ruth held a job as a Draftsman for the U.S. Navy where she developed her love of mapmaking. Ruth was able to combine her extraordinary artistic skills with mapmaking as she designed, produced and she pedaled dozens of unique illustrated maps featuring the history of Maine. As part of her historical research, she served the Maine Coast Mission aboard the Sunbeam, also known as 'God's Tugboat.' During these voyages, Ruth made maps and sketches to illustrate 'Anchor to Windward,' a book about the mission. She said: 'Maps are precise, time consuming projects, but if your work gives you pleasure, what the heck.'

Ruth was also especially good at Pen & Ink architectural portraits, which she would do on commission as a freelance illustrator. But when it came to painting, watercolors were Ruth's medium of choice. She loved the view of the ocean from her house and painted the same scenery many times. Each unique painting depicted a different season, lighting or mood. In addition to the visual arts, Ruth was also an accomplished cellist and enjoyed playing in orchestras.

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