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Distribution Of religions In The Old World

by Ellen Churchill Semple

This map represents the distribution of Christians, Mohammedans, Brahmans, Buddhists and Heathen around the world.


Semple always considered herself to be a scientist, and her Vassar course load was heavy in the natural and social sciences. “Geography for Semple,” comments her biographer, professor emeritus of geography Harvey Flad, “was the perfect blend of science and sociology; it was where she felt the most at home, and where her talents really flourished.” She also had interests in economics, history and languages. Ruth E.Baugh, who was a professor of geography at UCLA and a former graduate student of Semple’s, wrote that Semple, "spoke with great enthusiasm of the training Vassar gave her in Latin and English. She praised the special emphasis given there to clear and effective writing.

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