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Nationalities of Chicago by city block

by Agnes Sinclair Holbrook
Chicago, USA

A woman interested in psychology and sociology named Agnes Sinclair Holbrook designed in 1895 cartographies titled Nationalities Maps illustrating the nationalities of immigrants living near by the Hull House. The map itself asserts a progressive ideal of America: a nation that opens its arms to huddled masses, yearning to be free.


Agnes Sinclair Holbrook grew up in Marengo, Iowa, and moved east to attend Wellesley College in 1886. After her sophomore year she took a break from her studies, but returned in 1890, and received a bachelor of science degree in 1892. Holbrook was enrolled in Wellesley's scientific course, a rigorous sequence of mathematics, chemistry, zoology, physics, and psychology, balanced by literature, rhetoric and composition, drawing, religion, philosophy, and history.

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