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A map of Brighton

by Helen Cann
Brighton, UK

'A Map of Brighton from the Latest Discoveries' was inspired by her realisation that we use stories alongside simple geography to understand our location. This map of her home town in the UK is layered with stories of personal history, personal observation and local history, legend and anecdote.

This map was drawn entirely by hand in ink on paper.

The original was shown at 'Making Tracks' exhibition at ONCA gallery, Brighton.

Helen Cann is an illustrator and artist from Brighton in the UK. Although she is an established illustrator with over 10 years experience, her fine art work, distinct from her illustration, is increasingly developing.

She specialises in making maps but also draws and paints. Her work has been exhibited around the world and has been commissioned for use in TV and film, most recently by Ridley Scott Associates (for Turkish Airlines – in production), by Lionsgate (for ‘The Spy who Dumped me’) and the BBC (for ‘Mapp and Lucia’ and ‘Howard’s End’).

She is the author of ‘Hand Drawn Maps’ (Thames and Hudson 2017) and regularly gives workshops in hand drawn mapping techniques at galleries and museums.

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