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A Scott map of...

by Alva Scott Garfield
Massachusetts, USA

Very attractive bird's eye view style pictorial map of Boston from Boston University at upper left corner to the Bunker Hill Monument at upper right corner with the central city area and Northeastern University and the New England Conservatory of Music above the title cartouche at lower left corner. Major buildings are accurately pictured in bird's eye view style. Several businesses are named and there is much commentary of historical information and places of historical interest.



Alva Scott Mitchell was originally born Alva Bennett Scott on August 18th 1902 in Montgomery, AL, the eldest daughter of prominent Republican, businessman and entrepreneur, Charles Herrington Scott and Emma Hosephine Bennett of Jefferson, GA. She studied at the Wellesley College in 1992. She was rewarded with a Durrant Scholarship and took an especially active part in the literary and artistic life at Wellesley. Alva’s first widely recognised cartographic project appears to have been the design and publication a decorative pictorial map of her own alma mater, etitled a Newe Mapp of Wellesley. 

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